Days: The Real War

Days: The Real War

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The Real War
The real war is not between renewables and fossil fuels, no, the real war is between renewables and nuclear.
This is somewhat ironic, because nuclear is one of the lowest CO2 emitting energies we have and so, in theory, renewable promoters should be fully on board with nuclear, but this is obviously not the case.
The reasons are very simple: 
1. Renewables need pairing fossil fuel power plants since solar and wind energy are intermittent and unreliable.
2. Even though, in theory, nuclear could be paired with renewables, it would make no sense whatsoever. Nuclear is better suited to produce 24/7 and besides adding renewables to a nuclear grid would increase CO2 emissions so it would be a lose-lose proposition (more expensive and higher emissions).
On the other hand, nuclear doesn't need renewables at all, what is more, they siphon funds that could have been better spent in additional nuclear capacity (if the objective is to reduce the CO2 intensity of a grid).

2016-06-17 15:42:04

. I disagree, I think that nuclear and renewables will (have to) work together to address climate change

2016-06-17 16:21:22

#NeedAMix for market stability and economic practicality. Even CCS Coal has a role.

2016-06-17 16:28:14

Why not, before even playing with CCS, we replace coal with nat gas?

2016-06-17 16:30:07

It's a step forward, but replacing coal with nuclear much better for climate.

2016-06-17 16:31:39

Agree! But nuclear will not grow that fast. Replacing coal w nat gas should be a no brainer.

2016-06-17 16:37:23

CORRECT! Replacing dirty coal with less dirty NG is good. Replacing clean Nuclear with NG is not.

2016-06-17 16:38:17

Or WORSE, replacing #nuclear with coal! #Energiewende

2016-06-17 16:40:45

Yuuuuup! Well unfortunately I can only vote in the US.

2016-06-17 21:06:15

I agree with you. But many pro nuke enviros can't, for political reasons. Why? They'd be alienating potential allies.

2016-06-17 23:49:44

Yup nuclear always been oil/gas/coal industries+their unions only real competition:China India Russia will B lead countries

2016-06-18 01:03:28

With friends like these, the environment needs no enemies.

2016-06-18 01:51:02

Politics is a reality too my friend. Unfortunately.

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